Frequently Asked Questions

What can I smoke with my Toke Tamer?

In regards to delivery system, the Toke Tamer accommodates pre-rolled cones, 1.25 hand rolled spliffs and now includes a screw on pipe head for loose leaf. 

In regards to herb type, any dry smoking herb can be used with your Toke Tamer.

We offer an all natural 100% legal smoking blend "Pleasant Puffs", if you're looking for a suitable nomination.  


Does Toke Tamer remove all the tar from my dry herb?

While Toke Tamer does practically and visibly reduce the amount of tar you inhale, it does not completely catch all the tar.  Smoking in itself is strenuous on the lungs and should be performed responsibly.  We cant completely eliminate the negative effects of smoking, but we can dramatically reduce them.  


Does Toke Tamer filter out THC?

While a cotton filter in itself is not small enough to filter THC, overusing a filter can reduce the amount of THC by clogging the airflow.  To avoid this, change your filter when you feel a reduction in the airway.     


How long does a single Tokies filter last?

A Tokies Perfect Puff filter is good for an entire pre-rolled cone.  


Is Toke Tamer smell proof?

Toke Tamer in itself is not smell proof, so we offer a reusable aluminum key chain container for your discreteness.  Also worth noting, Toke Tamer cleans easy.  Just soak your Toke Tamer in a small amount of rubbing alcohol until the target residue dissolves.