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Toke Tamer Pro Starter KIT by PI

$29.97 $32.97


  • Easy to use smoke filter reduces tar intake, results you can see after each and every use.
  • The smoothest smoke available for smoking connoisseurs, less germs when sharing keep your Toke Tamer when you pass.
  • Includes, aluminum smell proof keychain container,
  • Pre-rolled cone with spliff holder and 5 Tokies Perfect Puff filters
  • FREE BONUS Attachable pipe head now included in KIT!

Whether you like to smoke pre-rolled cones, hand rolled 1.25's or pipe smoking, Toke Tamer has your smoke filter needs covered. Toke Tamer reduces tar intake, which accents the taste of your select herb and makes your smoke smoother. Toke Tamer also helps reduce the spread of germs by keeping your mouth away from the saliva sharing hand rolled spliffs typically passed around in groups. After rigorous testing we have engineered Toke Tamer to be both simple and highly effective at living up to its claim of being a practical reusable tar filter. We've done the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy this must have for any elevated smoker.

Starter KIT includes:

1x Toke Tamer 
1x BONUS Bowl Head attachment now included
1x Smell Proof Aluminum keychain case
5x Perfect Puff filters 
1x Filter ejector sword
1x OCB 1.25 Pre-Rolled Cone and pre-rolled Holder